In Australia all electrical work needs to be done by a fully qualified professional, if you do not use the right person for the job you run the risk of voiding your insurance. Don’t place your family, staff or customers at risk, with Alarms Corporation we offer the full range of electrical services, from domestic to commercial.

We provide the full range of safety checks on electrical equipment, ensuring that it is safe for use. We can also install safety switches that protect the equipment and end users from harm during fault conditions or other hazardous situations. With Alarms Corporation you can ensure that you, your family, your staff, and your equipment are safe.

In addition to safety services, we can help with upgrades to all your electrical systems and provide new features and added functionality. For instance, we can help install lighting & blinds control via smart-phones using Honeywell’s Tuxedo technology. With new developments like the Honeywell Tuxedo you get advanced control and functionality from your electrical systems.

At Alarms Corporation, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get the right outcome. We will advice you on any and all electrical issues you may have, we will help you find the right solutions for all your electrical needs and we will install them when and where you need them.


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