An alarm is one of the best lines of domestic or commercial security measures. Alarms act as a powerful deterrent to crime and are one of the most effective means of limiting the potential damage and chances of a break-and-enter. In recent years, alarms have increased in functionality, sensitivity and capacity, and become affordable than ever before.

Our expert technicians can install residential, commercial  and industrial alarms. Alarms Corporation are proud to have installed alarms in a a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings over the past three decades, helping to make security easy.nsitivity and capacity, and have become more affordable than ever before.

We have a huge range of brands for you to choose from. We will help you to find the right alarm and the best brands for your needs. Our team can share advice on the various types of sensors, different features and the ever expanding range of possibilities with alarms.

There are so many different alarm types available now that easier than ever before to find the perfect match for your needs. You can choose from wired and wireless systems, each with their own range of benefits and features. You can get alarms that have smart phone control, allowing you to control  cameras, air conditioner, heating, and even your lighting using Z Wave Technology as well as providing remote control ability from anywhere you have internet access.

Alarms Corporation are AIP (Australian Institute of Petroleum) Accredited, we are security licensed and we police checked, ensuring that you will get reliable, prompt and professional service every time.

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